• Top Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

    In today’s world, you can’t be too cautious when it comes to fighting scams and dishonest operators if you’re trying to operate a successful business. There are many different reasons to hire a Private Investigator, whether it’s simply doing your due diligence or if you suspect someone may have scammed you.

    So what are some top reasons to consider hiring a Private Investigator?

    Background Checks

    Private Investigators can check a company’s background. Before doing business with someone, it’s best to uncover any hidden surprises.

    You can also use a Private Investigator to uncover facts in a child custody case. When trying to win a child custody case, a Private Investigator can serve as a witness to support your case. Another option is to verify the legitimacy of an international company. There are numerous fake companies in today’s world, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. A Private Investigator can make sure a company with which you’re trying to do business is legitimate.

    Another option is to check the background of someone you met through an online dating service. An Investigator can help find out if the person truly is who they’re claiming to be online. They can also perform a premarital check, making sure you know everything about someone before marrying them.

    Private Investigators can also be used to conduct background checks for any applicants for employment at your business. This is a common practice among most employers in today’s world. And that kind of work includes conducting background checks for international hiring as well. Private Investigators can help you develop a strategy to verify all international applicants.

    Other Types of Investigations

    Private Investigators can assist you in other ways, including:

    • Investigating a personal injury lawsuit. If you’ve been injured, a Private Investigator can help you win the case by finding key witnesses and information that’s crucial to your case. 
    • Identifying welfare fraud. When income is under-reported, an Investigator can help identify all sources of income to that individual.  
    • Searching for international assets. Private Investigators can help find any assets that may be hidden, including overseas.  
    • Finding information in a divorce case. An Investigator can find proof of cheating or hidden assets in a divorce case.  
    • Uncovering evidence of infidelity. If you suspect your spouse is cheating, an Investigator can help uncover the truth in that situation.  
    • Investigating insurance fraud. False insurance claims are filed every day, and they cost insurance providers billions of dollars every year, which is where a Private Investigator can help.

    Working on Criminal Cases

    Private Investigators also work on criminal cases. That can include:

    • Taking action against a stalker or predator. Investigators can work with law enforcement when someone suspects he or she is being stalked.  
    • Finding proof of fraud or embezzlement. When money goes missing, a Private Investigator usually knows how to track down the guilty party.  
    • Verifying the authenticity of key documents. Private Investigators can help make sure a passport or ID is authentic, and they can also verify the legitimacy of an investment company. Investment scams are all too common today, and Investigators will help verify whether a company you’re doing business with is legitimate.
    • Their services also allow you to investigate a case of identity theft. A Private Investigator can help find out who stole your identity, or the identity of one of your customers.


    Source: Investigative Academy