• Cyber Impersonation

    Imagine you receive an email from a friend that includes a link to a Facebook profile. You click on the link and see your name and picture on the profile. But you didn’t create it. And some of the information included isn't exactly flattering. In fact, it’s embarrassing and malicious, and ruining your reputation or that of your business. Now, what do you do?

    We regularly receive requests from people who find themselves, their kids, or their friends in this situation. The key in responding is
    to move quickly to gather information and to inform the proper authorities.

    The snag is, how do you get the information that will be required by the authorities in order to make a case and get a conviction? Well, that is where we come in!

    The main piece of information that is needed is the IP address of the computer that is connecting to the fake social media account. What is an IP address you ask? The IP (Internet Protocol) address much the same as the phone number of the computer, once you have the IP address a subpoena can then be served on the internet service provider that "owns" the IP address to provide the name and address of the subscriber that was using that particular IP address at that time and day. These records are only kept for a certain amount of time, so time is most important.

    We are also able to get the IP addresses of the creators of fake "free" email addresses suck as Gmail and Yahoo etc.

    We can get the information that the authorities require to assist them with their case, or that your civil attorney may require for instituting civil proceeding against the individual for damages to you or your company.

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