• Why Use Us?


    By the time you’ve decided to hire a private investigator, you’ve probably exhausted your confidence; you may even believe your situation is hopeless.......We can help!

    Being a professional investigator is a fulfilling career, in which the pursuit of truth is the focus of the job. Private investigators should not doubt that their work makes a difference in this world. And along the way, it’s OK to love what we do—the adventure, the wins and losses, and even the tough lessons.

    This job takes place in a world most people only dream of. We are privileged to work in it every day. And as professionals, we should be proud of what we do: We uncover the truth and find facts where others are unable to. 

    With so many Private Investigators to choose from, it is important to choose wisely. We actively encourage the regulation of the industry and mandatory licensing in line with the other security industry sectors.  We believe in providing an ethical and lawful service that is value for money. All our Investigators are PSiRA registered as required by South African law and have regular criminal background checks.

    Your confidence and peace of mind are paramount to us so we make the process transparent and straight forward.

    With over 30 years of investigative experience, Rick Crouch has developed the expertise and finesse required for investigations and each case is tailored to the individual's needs and situation.

    No matter how sensitive, high-profile, or complex your case may be, we have the experience and state-of-the-art equipment to get accurate results.

    With our office in the USA and a network of professional investigators in countries around the would we have a unique ability to go where the case takes us.

    Here’s what we will do:


    • Speak with you at length to determine what your needs are
    • Together we will develop a game plan to obtain the results you want
    • Discuss the costs and develop a plan that will minimize your budget
    • Tell you the time frame for which you can expect your investigation to be conducted
    • Assign an experienced agent to conduct the investigation
    • Communicate with you regularly during the process of the investigation
    • Deliver to you the results in the form of a detailed report and video when appropriate
    • Follow up with you to be sure you are satisfied with the service provided

    Still wondering if Rick Crouch & Associates is the right investigative agency for you?


    • We have been in business over 30 years
    • We are licensed in South Africa and the United States
    • We operate throughout South Africa - from coast to coast and in-between
    • Every case gets Rick Crouch's personal attention
    • Rick Crouch is an internationally known investigation expert
    • Click here for the names of  well-known lawyers and other clients who sing our praises

    Our Guarantee


    We guarantee to preserve your confidentiality and conduct your investigations discretely. We refuse to compromise on the issue of your privacy. We endeavor to understand your goals and are committed to accomplishing your objectives.

    We do not comprise on the principals of honesty, integrity, and loyalty.