• About Rick Crouch

    I have become one of the best-known private investigators in the United States. My client list was and is a who's who of California celebrities and politicians, because of this I became known as the "PI to the stars". I was recently described as having "A Chuck Norris-like past" by the Mercury newspaper in Durban.

    My team and I have also worked on many high-profile criminal cases including homicides.

    During my many years as a private investigator, I have been fortunate enough to work on cases with, and learn from, some of the elite including the FBI and many local Police Departments.

    I have assisted local law enforcement and the FBI in a number of cases including tracking down wanted fugitives that had fled to foreign countries. My team and I were successful in locating and returning to justice many of these fugitives from justice included drug dealers, murderers and child molesters. [Source Wikipedia]

    I was awarded the "Citizen of the Year" award in 2004 by the City of Westminster in Orange County California for assisting the Westminster Police Department and the FBI in tracking down and returning to custody (from Mexico), escaped awaiting trial prisoner and Methamphetamine manufacturer Edward "The Wizard" Chapin.

    Testifying in court comes with the job and I have testified numerous times in both California Superior Court, US Federal Court, and South African courts as an Investigator and as an expert witness.

    As required by South African law, I am registered as a private investigator with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority with registration number 2464070.

    I have authored a training and reference manual for investigators and others wanting to pursue a career as a Bail Enforcement Agent (bounty hunter). The Discovery Science Channel listed me at number 6 on its list of top 10 bounty hunters in the world and Wikipedia lists me as a "notable real-life private investigator".

    As an avid aviation buff, I am a licensed commercial pilot with a multi-engine turbojet rating with thousands of hours of flight time as a pilot in command (PIC)

    Finally, I am a Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator (CCDI) and a Certified Computer Forensic Examiner (CCFE).

    Being a professional investigator is a fulfilling career, in which the pursuit of truth is the focus of the job. Private investigators should not doubt that their work makes a difference in this world. And along the way, it’s OK to love what we do—the adventure, the wins and losses, and even the tough lessons.

    This job takes place in a world most people only dream of. We are privileged to work in it every day. And as professionals, we should be proud of what we do: We uncover the truth and find facts where others are unable to. That to me is fun.


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  • Did brilliant work in a case I was involved in.proved conclusively that my client was framed by his ex-wife and her new husband

    Shane Matthews, Advocate (PMB)

  • You proved me wrong, I thought there were no competent private investigators out there.

    Mark Geragos, Attorney (Los Angeles)

  • I can highly recommend Rick. He lives up to the motto of PRIVATE Investigator in the way of confidentiality. Rick is a man of honour and integrity with vast amounts of experience in his field.

    Nikki Mohlmann, Enforce Security (PTY) Ltd