• Business Intelligence Investigations

    It can often be useful to have intelligence information on a company's activities; We can carry out a discreet business intelligence investigation into a company in order to uncover detailed information about its activities, customers, suppliers, decisions and plans, financial status, offshore connections, directors activities, shareholders, and more.
    Most companies today experience a poor return on investment because they do not really know their market position and their competitors. Gaining a clear picture of what the market is and how their competitors are moving is of the utmost importance to deliver the company shareholders a higher return on their investment.
    The first step would be to set up an internal Business Intelligence Unit or to source external BI services. The ultimate goal is to anticipate the competitors by knowing their strategic moves and their product roadmap before they get to market.

    About Competitive Business Intelligence Gathering

    As a business owner or manager, you need to know:

    • Who is competing against you for a contract?
    • Has a former employee violated a non-compete agreement?
    • Which organizations or individuals are engaging in a media and Internet campaign that could impact your company’s profits?
    • Which government leaders and lobbying firms are pushing legislation that will affect your business operations?
    • Is a planned acquisition or merger being derailed by a competitor?
    • Is a competitor selling a division that would benefit your operation?

    If your business has become the victim of a negative media campaign, or if you need to obtain competitive intelligence about your opposition, that’s when you call on Capitol Inquiry’s skilled investigators to coordinate a public relations strategy and obtain the needed competitive business information without leaving footprints.

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      • Surveillance
    • Public Records and Comprehensive Information Research
      • Supplier and Vendor Screening
      • Research and Analyze all public information pertaining to competitors and market

    Our investigations are always conducted in a lawful manner.

    We do not: Chase cars on sidewalks, bribe maids to get into hotel rooms, (they tell anyway), break into homes or offices, tap phones, plant bugs, steal documents, engage in shootouts in the street, trespass, commit identity theft, break the law or violate people’s rights.

    We do: Gather relevant evidence in a form the client can use while keeping us out of trouble; keeping the client out of trouble and doing the best possible job for the client.