Rick Crouch & Associates provides business solutions for corporations all around the country. We work in conjunction with insurance companies, law firms, as well as both large and small businesses as a third-party professional and licensed investigator. The challenges facing a business’ safety, security, workforce or bottom line require them to figure out the who, what, why, where, when and how did something occur. This is when Rick Crouch & Associates steps in.

    Business Fraud Investigations

    Detection of business fraud whether at the hands of an employee through background investigations, surveillance, covert cameras, or undercover operations. This is useful in pursuit of false worker’s compensation claims, employee theft, embezzlement, etc.

    Undercover Employee Investigations

    Placement of an undercover investigator posing as an employee for the purpose of obtaining evidence/information concerning possible illegal activities or improprieties within a workplace environment.

    Due Diligence Investigations

    Examination of the financial history of a business or corporation prior to a pending merger or investment. This is designed to identify potential risks accompanying the purchase or merger of a business entity.

    Gray Market Investigations

    Investigation of claims of products being sold in an unauthorized manner. Evidence may be obtained through surveillance, undercover operations, product marking, etc.

    Pre-Employment Screening

    Find out who you are hiring before it is too late.