• Information sought on murdered school principal

    On the afternoon of Wednesday 26 August 2015 Villa Maria Primary School principal Nokuthula Magwanyana was driving home on Table Mountain Road when at approximately 15h00 she was ambushed and her car forced off the road where she was then brutally hacked to death.
    When the first witnesses arrived on the scene Nokuthula Magwanyana's body was still in the drivers seat with the drivers side door open, she was being held in only by her seat belt. She had numerous wounds to her body which indicated that she was hacked and stabbed to death either by a small panga or a large knife.
    A person passing by noticed a grey bakkie parked next to the vehicle but could not identify the occupants. When a police officer driving by happened on the scene there were three individuals at the scene, they were briefly questioned then they apparently disappeared.
    A few days later three arrests were made, however except for a charge related to the theft of the victims cell phone all other charges were dropped for lack of evidence.
    Two weeks prior to her brutal murder someone had broken into the Villa Maria Primary School grounds early on Sunday morning and spray painted a warning to her that she should resign or be killed.
    Local residents are of the opinion that her murder had something to do with someone wanting her job as principal.
    The family has hired Durban private investigator Rick Crouch to assist the police with the investigation. "This was a contract killing, someone hired these people to brutally murder this wife and mother and they will eventually be caught. We conducted a search of the crime scene and did find evidence relevant to the crime which we turned over to the SAPS detective handling the case. The family have exhausted the funds they had available for this investigation but we will continue with the case pro-bono. We are offering a reward to anyone that comes forward with information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those involved. They can remain anonymous, we will not divulge their identity. Someone out there knows what happened." said private investigator Rick Crouch.
    Anyone with information related to this crime is requested to call or SMS Rick Crouch on 076 449-5263.