Non-Custodial Parental or relative child abduction

    Parental or relative child abduction has become a worldwide crisis. International, Federal, and State laws mandate the role of law enforcement in such matters, but such agencies have limited ability, time, or funds to pursue a single case to resolution.

    According to the United States Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, more than 200,000 children are parentally abducted every year in the United States, That's more than 3,846 per week, 550 per day or 23 per hour, by a non-custodial parent or other family members. Fifty-four percent are gone without a trace for more than a week.

    Rick Crouch & Associates's investigators are fully qualified and trained, with previous experience in the military or law enforcement.

    There are now several groups, primarily based in the US, that aid the non-custodial parent or relative in crossing state lines, leaving the country, and concealing the children. In most cases, the aiding "underground" person or group has never been in contact with the custodial parent and has relied only on what the "kidnappers" have told them. It is rarely the truth. When a kidnapping or an abduction takes place, children are forced to adapt to the lifestyle of a fugitive; a process that may scar them permanently.

    Rick Crouch & Associates offers rapid response to any incoming tips. It is an unfortunate truth that law enforcement agencies cannot devote the manpower and other resources to provide a rapid response to information derived from various sources including poster respondents. Sometimes authorities in other countries do not respond to tips or other information as quickly as desired or needed, due to matters of a 'higher' priority, a lack of manpower, or simply, a lack of caring. This time lag can seriously jeopardize a recovery, as it gives the kidnappers more lead time. Rick Crouch & Associates should be contacted immediately.

    No children should remain missing or be withheld from a rightful parent or guardian due to a lack of money. Rick Crouch & Associates will work with you. scale.

    The documentation you need:

    • All Court Orders
    • Custody papers
    • Court Judgments
    • Certified copies of police, agency warrants, and notification of case numbers
    • Visitation Orders
    • Divorce Decree or Separation Agreement
    • References of the character of both parents
    • Companies that have been contracted and what measures were already taken


    Initial contact and interview:

    This informal interview conducted by representatives of Rick Crouch & Associates will be based on certain criteria and guidelines which must be met:

    • The victim-parent must have certified sole legal and physical custody
    • The victim-parent must agree to personal background investigations, specifically for out-of-country recoveries.
    • The victim-parent must detail the abduction and details leading to the abduction
    • The victim-parent must agree to accompany the team or individuals on the recovery case
    • The victim-parent must agree to sign a non-disclosure agreement & contract


    Investigation and planning:

    This gathers all the necessary information & will be based on:

    • Child location
    • Agency liaison locally and in the country of negotiations
    • Litigation and legal preparation to support such negotiations
    • Geography, climate, and social structure of the country of recovery
    • Liaison with local organizations and law enforcement
    • The threat, direct and indirect to the team or individuals involved
    • Past situations and operations conducted
    • Child or children's routines and lifestyle investigation
    • Methods of entry and exit of the country intended


    Negotiations and recovery assessment:

    This will be formulated and given to the client:

    • The recovery feasibility
    • The general operation and risks involved
    • The cost and list of specific requirements needed
    • This service requires logistical planning so it is essential that all legal steps to recover the child locally have been exhausted

    Related information:

    • The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction
    • States that have ratified or acceded to the Hague Convention
    • 18 USC 1204 International Parental Kidnapping Act