Tenant Screening

    Are you a landlord, or do you just rent out your granny flat?

    The perfect tenant: Someone impeccably tidy, uncomplaining, who has no plans to move and happily accepts yearly rent increases?

    That may be wishful thinking, but tenants do tend to fall into several categories – students, young professionals, families, corporate and older singles/couples – they come with different priorities, lifestyles, pros and cons. So choosing who best suits your property – and avoiding bad tenants – is a big component in making property investment a success.

    Check out that prospective tenant first as once they are in it is very difficult to get them out.

    Our tenant history search will benefit anyone looking for the tenant profile of an individual or company. Our report facilitates the identification of risk of a potential tenant by reviewing;

    1. Credit history
    2. Contact details
    3. Defaults and
    4. Any notices from past leases.

    We conduct the search by using a company name/registration or person name, ID number and postal details.

    Our report will return a detailed tenant lease history that includes;

    1. The lease amount
    2. Date and duration of the lease
    3. Agency details and
    4. The contact number of the tenant at the time of the lease.