What is Trial Preparation?

    Trial preparation involves gathering and preparing the raw materials for a court case or hearing. Additionally, trial preparation gives a judge and a jury an overall, better understanding of the facts and information that are presented in a lawsuit. Depending on the nature of the lawsuit, preparation tasks may differ. Effective trial preparation can be essential to winning a case, so it should never be ignored. If the appropriate research is not fulfilled before a trial takes place, it could result in unsuccessful litigation. Trial preparation, sometimes referred to as trial prep or hearing preparation, can include:

    • Evidence gathering
    • Forensic investigation
    • Private investigations
    • Evidence analysis
    • Preparing witness testimony
    • Creation of investigation reports
    • Medical investigations
    • Criminal investigations

    Who Will Take Care of My Trial Preparation?


    Unfortunately, many people lose important court cases because they assume that their attorney will take care of all the details before a hearing or court case. The attorney's job, however, is to prepare only the material at hand that has been provided to them in court. If there is not enough evidence for your case, your lawyer may simply not be able to prepare a strong legal argument. By taking the process of trial preparation into your own hands through the hiring of a qualified investigative professional, you can drastically improve the chances of success in court.

    When Do I Use a PI for Trial Preparation Services?


    Because an attorney only uses the materials they are provided within the court, using a private investigator is your best chance at gathering any additional information needed for trial. Generally, a private investigator who is in search for trial preparation material will conduct any necessary pre-trial surveillance, photography or video relative to where the accident or scene took place, any public record searches needed to enhance an attorney's argument, and/or the collection of any witness statements or testimonies. If your attorney is not completely sure that you will win your court case, you should hire a private investigator, who may be able to uncover evidence to help you. In fact, if there is any chance that you may not get the outcome you want in court, why take the chance? Appeals and additional trials are costly and time-consuming. A private investigator can help you get the proof you need for your hearing or court date.

    How Can a Private Investigator Help with Trial Preparation?


    A private investigator can help with surveillance and background checks of suspects. An investigator can help with witness interviews, evidence gathering, and can even help find missing persons. A qualified investigator can even act as an expert witness on your behalf. In short, an investigator can help your attorney get the raw material needed to win your case.

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