Undercover Business Investigations

    Is your company experiencing any of the following, if the answer is yes you at least one, then an undercover investigator can help you:

    • Internal theft
    • Embezzlement
    • Policy violations
    • Trade secrets or other information going to competitors
    • Clients suddenly move to a competitor
    • Sexual harassment complaints
    • Suspected drug use or alcohol consumption in the workplace

    Having accurate and timely information is critical to effective decision-making.

    Your business and the decisions you make regarding your employees are no different. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to paint an accurate picture of your workforce from the outside looking in.

    That’s why undercover investigations are the best solution for gathering information about your workforce.

    Due to the nature of violence, your employees may not be willing to speak up about threats or may not even realize the potential problem.

    Undercover investigations allow you to get an inside view of what’s going on.

    Every smart business owner knows the importance of maintaining a safe workplace. Business owners can’t be everywhere and employees are known to be on their best behaviour when management is present

    A trained professional can identify risks such as unsafe work practices or drug use.

    You know your product, your competition, and your customers. But, by the nature of being “the boss” it is impossible to have a full understanding of your workforce. This can cost you money, the loss of intellectual property, and maybe even the loss of your business.

    We have a team of highly skilled and experienced undercover investigators who will work to catch nuances, build trust with your employees and develop leads which will create a better understanding of what is happening within your business and what you can do to resolve it. Our undercover detectives will provide you with the evidence and intelligence you need to address the issue or determine that your concerns are unfounded.

    Our undercover operation investigators will provide you with a timely report that will keep you informed of the progress of the undercover operation on a regular basis. We will also recommend the best possible cause of action based on the information that we gather while running the undercover investigation.

    Whatever your concern and whatever you need for our undercover investigations we will deploy a professional and discreet undercover operative into your business to help you uncover the truth within your business.

    Things like employee theft, drugs in the workplace, litigation, corporate espionage and similar can not only hurt your business but in some cases put you out of business so why not call us now to discuss your need for an undercover investigation to take place?