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    Rick Crouch
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    17 May 2016

    Release: Immediate


    The whole Rajiv Narandas episode shines a light on glaring holes in our justice system.

    A person who is arrested and/or convicted of a serious crime such as murder they should never be afforded the opportunity of bail either before trial or while awaiting any appeal. There is a huge incentive for these individuals to flee considering the penalty awaiting them.

    "Having tracked fugitives all over the globe as the number 6 ranked bounty hunter in the world I can tell you that Narandas will be easier than most to locate. The question is whether the governments' fugitive hunters are up to the task and whether there is a will by the government to embark on a search and to extradite him once found. I made a living tracking fugitives for 21 years there are traits common to all fugitives and there are specific traits that make some easier than others to locate, Narandas falls into the category that will make him easier than most to locate.

    The odds are very slim that the fugitive is in Argentina as has been speculated. There are a number of reasons why I say this not the least of which is that I have tracked fugitives to Argentina before and it is not a very hospitable place for an 'illegal' who does not speak Spanish," said Hillcrest private investigator Rick Crouch.


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