• Senzo Meyiwa Murder Hitman says it was Kelly

    City Press - 30 August 2020
    SOLLY MAPHUMULO news@citypress.co.za
    A man who allegedly took part in killing former Bafana Bafana goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa has implicated singer Kelly Khumalo in the murder.
    But the singer, when contacted for comment yesterday, said: “Thank you for informing me. All the best with your story.”
    Police have received confessions from two men who said they were part of the plot to kill Meyiwa.
    In a confession made before a magistrate in June about the case, which has remained unresolved for almost six years, one of the alleged gunmen claimed the plot was hatched at a mall in Johannesburg, that a dispute arose over payment and that their families in KwaZulu-Natal had to call an urgent meeting to decide that the matter be kept secret.
    City Press understands that investigators have submitted the docket to prosecutors to obtain warrants of arrest for all implicated in the murder.
    Sources close to the investigation say there is now overwhelming evidence that will finally close the case.
    A crack team of investigators, appointed by Police Minister Bheki Cele, took eight months to wrap up the investigation, which had been stalled for years.
    The police used forensics and a section 204 witness to finally piece together the events of the evening of October 26 2014, which robbed the country of one of its most prominent sporting personalities.
    “We have a watertight case. We’ve managed to track down a firearm that was used to kill Senzo. The ballistic test results have positively linked the suspects to the murder, which we’ve established was premeditated,” said an insider.
    Approached for comment on the breakthrough this week, national police spokesperson Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo denied they had arrested anyone.
    City Press was reliably informed that five of the alleged hitmen are currently serving time or awaiting trial for unrelated crimes. They have not been formally charged with Meyiwa’s murder, as the National Prosecuting Authority has yet to make a final decision.
    One of alleged gunmen has told a magistrate in Boksburg that Khumalo, who was Meyiwa’s girlfriend at the time, allegedly hired them to kill Meyiwa. Khumalo has always denied allegations that she was involved in his murder.
    The Bafana goalkeeper, who was at the peak of his career, was gunned down on October 26 2014 at the home of Khumalo’s mother in Vosloorus in what initially looked like an armed robbery gone wrong. However, according to the confession of the two men – which has been seen by City Press – it took two weeks to plan the hit. In his confession, one of the alleged gunmen claims that they met Khumalo at a mall in the east of Johannesburg, where she told them she wanted Meyiwa “eliminated”.
    According to the confession and a detailed report prepared for the police’s top brass, dated June 30 this year, Khumalo allegedly told the alleged killers that Meyiwa had promised to give her money, but had not kept his word.
    He had also agreed to marry her, but was no longer interested in doing so and had not informed Khumalo that he in fact already had a wife.
    In the confession, the alleged hitmen claim that they demanded R400 000 for the job, due to Meyiwa’s status.
    They claim that Khumalo stood up, walked away from where they were standing and called someone on her cellphone. She then returned to the alleged hitmen to negotiate the price.
    There was a disagreement about this.
    Khumalo allegedly said that the only money available was R250 000 on completion of the assignment.
    It was agreed that the rest of the money would be paid in two instalments within two months of the murder, but that never happened.
    The men claim that, after this meeting, they started planning the hit carefully, including visiting a well-known inyanga in Katlehong, Ekurhuleni, whom they asked to perform a ritual so that the hit would be successful.
    The traditional healer, who has become a Section 204 witness, says the men also asked him to help them with muthi that would give them courage when they faced Meyiwa.
    The inyanga says he was paid R5 000 for these services, which he received after the murder had been committed.
    The day before the hit, on October 25 2014, the alleged gunmen visited Vosloorus to check the area properly, they claim in their confession.
    In the morning on the day of the killing on 26 October 2014, the group of six hitmen, who had scoped the location, arrived in two vehicles, a Toyota Avanza and a VW polo, to make final preparations.
    “Our leaders were buying beers, food and other things. We left for our residence between 2pm and 2.30pm to prepare for the conspired murder of Senzo Meyiwa.”
    When they arrived at a flat in Johannesburg, the leaders went inside and came back with a bag containing handguns. They left for Vosloorus’ Basuthwini Hostel, where they collected more guns.
    At about 7.30pm, five gunmen drove past the Khumalos’ house. They then took up positions near their target and waited for the opportunity to strike while the leaders were communicating with Khumalo, the confessions claim.
    Two getaway cars were parked at the end of the street. One of the leaders told the group he would enter the house first “so that Kelly would see him and quickly run to the toilet”.
    Two gunmen entered the house and pulled out their guns. They ordered everyone to lie on the floor and demanded cellphones and money.
    But Meyiwa allegedly resisted and tried to hit a hitman, who was standing by the door, with a chair.
    All hell broke loose. Three shots were fired at Meyiwa. The hitmen fled the scene on foot, racing to their getaway cars to made a quick exit.
    They allege that when they arrived back in Johannesburg, Khumalo allegedly called the gang’s leaders, saying she could not afford to pay R250 000 as was initially agreed. The following morning, Khumalo allegedly called the leaders again to come and collect the money.
    “They [our leader] came back with the money an hour later, we were called one by one into the room. I was paid R45 000 cash,” one of the hitmen confessed.
    This led to a fallout among the alleged hitmen, who insisted on the initial amount that had been agreed on.
    Peace between the hitmen was negotiated by family members in KwaZulu-Natal and it was agreed that the Meyiwa matter should be kept a secret.
    Five of the seven hitmen are in prison for taxi-related killings both in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, attempted murder and possession of unlicensed firearms. One has since died.